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DATA RECOVERY SERVICE in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)
Data Recovery Center Service Provider Company In Bhiwadi.
Data recovery center bhiwadi  is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data are being salvaged from storage media such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system.

The most common "data recovery" scenario involves an operating system (OS) failure (typically on a single-disk, single-partition, single-OS system), in which case the goal is simply to copy all wanted files to another disk. This can be easily accomplished with a Live CD, most of which provide a means to mount the system drive and backup disks or removable media, and to move the files from the system disk to the backup media with a file manager or optical disc authoring software. Such cases can often be mitigated by disk partitioning and consistently storing valuable data files (or copies of them) on a different partition from the replaceable OS system files.

Another scenario involves a disk-level failure, such as a compromised file system or disk partition or a hard disk failure. In any of these cases, the data cannot be easily read. Depending on the situation, solutions involve repairing the file system, partition table or master boot record, or hard disk recovery techniques ranging from software-based recovery of corrupted data to hardware replacement on a physically damaged disk. If hard disk recovery is necessary, the disk itself has typically failed permanently, and the focus is rather on a one-time recovery, salvaging whatever data can be read.

In a third scenario, files have been "deleted" from a storage medium. Typically, deleted files are not erased immediately; instead, references to them in the directory structure are removed, and the space they occupy is made available for later overwriting. In the meantime, the original file may be restored.

A wide variety of failures can cause physical damage to storage media. CD-ROMs can have their metallic substrate or dye layer scratched off; hard disks can suffer any of several mechanical failures, such as head crashes and failed motors; tapes can simply break. Physical damage always causes at least some data loss, and in many cases the logical structures of the file system are damaged as well. Any logical damage must be dealt with before files can be salvaged from the failed media.

Most physical damage cannot be repaired by end users. For example, opening a hard disk in a normal environment can allow airborne dust to settle on the platter and become caught between the platter and the read/write head, causing new head crashes that further damage the platter and thus compromise the recovery process. Furthermore, end users generally do not have the hardware or technical expertise required to make these repairs. Consequently, costly data recovery companies are often employed to salvage important data.

Recovering data from physically-damaged hardware can involve multiple techniques. Some damage can be repaired by replacing parts in the hard disk. This alone may make the disk usable, but there may still be logical damage. A specialized disk-imaging procedure is used to recover every readable bit from the surface. Once this image is acquired and saved on a reliable medium, the image can be safely analyzed for logical damage and will possibly allow for much of the original file system to be reconstructed.

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Media that has suffered a catastrophic electronic failure will require data recovery in order to salvage its contents.

Examples of physical recovery procedures are: removing a damaged PCB (printed circuit board) and replacing it with a matching PCB from a healthy drive, performing a live PCB swap (in which the System Area of the HDD is damaged on the target drive which is then instead read from the donor drive, the PCB then disconnected while still under power and transferred to the target drive), read/write head assembly with matching parts from a healthy drive, removing the hard disk platters from the original damaged drive and installing them into a healthy drive, and often a combination of all of these procedures. Some data recovery companies have procedures that are highly technical in nature and are not recommended for an untrained individual. Each of them will void the manufacturer's warranty. For companies who will not void a warranty, see companies such as Kroll Ontrack, SalvageData, and DriveSavers.

When data have been physically overwritten on a hard disk it is generally assumed that the previous data are no longer possible to recover.

In some cases, data on a hard drive can be unreadable due to damage to the file system. In the majority of these cases, at least a portion of the original data can be recovered by repairing the damaged file system using specialized data recovery software. This type of data recovery can be performed by knowledgeable end-users as it requires no special physical equipment. However, more serious cases can still require expert intervention.

"Online" or "Remote" data recovery is yet another method to restore the lost or deleted data. It is same as performing the regular software based recoveries except that this kind of recovery is performed over the Internet without physically having the drive or computer in possession. The recovery technician sitting somewhere else gains access to user's computer and complete the recovery job online. In this scenario, the user doesn't have to travel or send the media to anywhere physically.

Although online data recovery is convenient and useful in many cases, it still carries some points making it less popular than the classic data recovery methods. First of all, it requires a stable broadband Internet connection for it to be performed correctly, which many third world countries still lack. Also, it cannot be performed in case of physical damage to media and for such cases, the traditional in-lab recovery has to take place.

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Shivshakti computer is one of the pioneers in data recovery industry in India and has been providing a wide range of data recovery services & solutions since 2001. We have more than 10 years of successful data recovery engineering experience; engineers of SSC have built data recovery tools that are being used by hundreds of data recovery companies.

We have possesses a vast range of data recovery, protection, backup and safe data eraser software to offer you the best data disaster solution. Our data recovery services and supports all major operating systems including Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Macintosh and Novell.

Our Data Recovery services in Bhiwadi Rajasthan:

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  • USB External hard drive data recovery in Bhiwadi.
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  • Laptop/Desktop Recovery in Bhiwadi.
  • FAT,FAT32,NTFS partation data recovery Bhiwadi.
  • Encrypted Data Recovery in Bhiwadi.

Our commitment is to providing the best knowledge and data recovery equipment to recovery professionals who like us; we dedicated and committed to our data recovery industry. Our knowledge and experience extend beyond the product line to technology research, R&D, hard disk drive theory, and business management / consultation.

It is our mission to ensure that those professionals who are dedicated to the data recovery industry and are willing to commit their time and effort have a place to turn where they can obtain the best tools, learn best practices, and share information freely, and you will find this core philosophy throughout every one of our employees.