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Dell Inspiron series

The Inspiron series has always been, and continues to be, Dell's value proposition. Early models

tended to be much heavier and less attractive when compared with their competitors. From the

smallest thin-and-light to the largest desktop replacement, they all sported the same design and color

albeit in different sizes. However, since mid-2007, the revamped design was not only less blocky than

their predecessors, the series also came in a range of colors. Some of the recent models have even hit

price points which threaten low-cost Netbooks, yet offer a full-computing experience with dual-core

performance and basic entertainment features like multimedia buttons and DirectPlay application.

However, high-end graphics processors and hardware such as Blu-ray drives are not available in this

series which caters mainly to the budget user.

Dell Inspiron Mini series

Dell's entry into the Netbook segment was considered late, as most major vendors had by then pumped

out a model or two in this category. However, its first effort, the Inspiron Mini 9, was popular for its low

price and excellent keyboard. Subsequent models even included 3G/HSDPA connectivity as standard

even as other brands were charging a hefty premium for this feature. When other makers started hitting

the 10-inch screen sizes, Dell bucked the trend and produced the first 12.1-inch Netbook, the Inspiron

Mini 12. Though this had a larger screen and chassis, it was a pity that despite the additional space it had

the same ports and anemic battery as the smaller Mini The latest model, the Inspiron Mini 10, not only

sported a larger keyboard, it also came with a multitouch trackpadand 720p high-definition screen.

There were options for built-in GPS and TV tuner, features which differentiated the Mini 10 from

the myriad 10-inch Netbooks out there.

Dell Studio & XPS series

Studio laptops target users looking for a superior entertainment experience. High-resolution

screens are available as options, along with Blu-ray combo drives, fingerprint sensors and more

powerful graphics cards. Even the sound system has been given a boost as you can opt for an

integrated Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi audio card for a small fee. But what really appeals is the

exterior. The Studio series borrows some design elements from the premium XPS line to offer an

aesthetically pleasing chassis. However, all these come at a price, so expect to pay a few hundred

dollars more compared with a similarly configured Inspiron machine. Studio XPS machines are top-of-

the-line entertainment laptops priced above XPS notebooks. The former also have access to almost

any option available to the other notebook series, save for the dual-GPU setup on the XPS

M1730.True to their entertainment roots, these models come with16:9 aspect ratio screens as standard, allowing widescreen movies to be viewed in all their

glory. Solid-state drives are also an option for this series. To further emphasize their premium position, Studio XPS systems are the first laptops to sport

leather accents on the aluminum bodies. Discrete graphics performance is the norm, and these machines come with XPS Premier Service and CompleteCover


XPS series

XPS machines target power users with a sense of aesthetics. The XPS M1730 desktop replacement was the first dual-

graphics card gaming laptop to hit Asia. The XPS M1330 was also one of the slimmest 13.3-inch machines in the market

when it was launched (before the anorexic MacBook Air took center stage). Though the XPS M1530 is a powerful

midsized machine, its sleek design and light heft makes this one easy notebook to carry about. The XPS M1530 and

M1730 can be customized to suit the budget of most users. Dual-core graphics card? Check. Full-HD LED-backlit

display? Check. But one of the strongest differentiating factors is that all XPS notebooks come with a one-year XPS

Premier Service with CompleteCover.The XPS Premier Service promises rapid service by a team of technicians

specializing in XPS machines. It also includes a free 15-month subscription to Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security as

well as 3GB of online storage for backups. With CompleteCover protection, Dell will repair or replace your machine

even from accidental damage, except in the case of fire, loss or theft.  

Vostro series

Even cheaper than the Inspiron line, the Vostro series is targeted at small and medium

enterprises which need to outfit their workers with no frills mobile computers. As such, many of

the features present in the Latitude series such as accessory compatibility, three-year warranty,

hardware security are absent from this range. But while it may not be as feature-rich as a Latitude

laptop, the Vostro is a hardy amachine with a spill-resistant keyboard and optional Free Fall

sensor which parks the harddisk reader arm when the machine is dropped, to prevent scratches

to the magnetic platter. One of the things we like is that there is no trialware or shareware

preinstalled on Vostro systems, which means that the machine is not cluttered with unused programs.