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HP Workstation Desktop HP C2D 2.3
Rs. 6,000/-
HP C2D 2.4 
Rs. 5,500/-
Assemble D.C. 2.0  
02-GB RAM/320-GB/DVD RW         
Rs. 5,500/-
Assemble D.C. 3.0           
Rs. 6,000/-
Laptop Lenovo T430S / Corei7

08-GB/320 GB/180 GB SSD/ dvdrw

14”/webcam/2.5.Hrs Backup
Rs. 21,500/-
LaptopHPEliteBook84440P/ Corei5        

04-GB/250 GB/dvdrw/12.5”/Webcam

2.0 Hrs Backup       

Rs. 15,000/-
Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad L412/ Corei5
02-GB/160 GB/dvdrw/12.5”/1.0Hrs  Backup
Rs. 11,500/- 
Laptop Lenovo Thinkpad / Corei5
02-GB/320 GB/dvdrw/12.5”/1.0Hrs  Backup
Rs. 13,500/- 

Preventive maintenance is a determining element for the proper working of welding and cutting machines. A well maintained machine base offers the guarantee of long life and the avoidance of minor incidents and troubleshooting. The risk of incidents may be detected and corrected by our regional team of technicians when they carry out scheduled preventive maintenance on your site.

At our service center we repair all known brand’s laptop desktop regarding software and hardware support.

(hp,Lenovo,tvs,amd,dell,wipro,hynix,kingstone,dlink,Toshiba, view sonic, APC, sony vaio, lg, xerox, western digital, intel products, Seagate, cisco, Linksys, mac pc)

Fastest Turn around
Our turnaround time is just a few days for most repairs, in some cases machines can be fixed and repaired same day. We don't ship your computer to some mass repair center like the big box stores do, we do it in house with highly trained staff. Our staff is only limited to working on few machines at a time, this ensures your computer is not only done fast but also done right the first time.

Highest customer satisfaction rate in Colorado
Rest assured that our customer’s satisfaction rate is 98.9% we do everything we can to make our customers happy, because for us you’re not just another computer to be repaired, we want to make you a customer for life! We don't repair computers, we create relationships with customers. We Focus on you and our quality, and we have been rated the best at what we do. Just read some of the reviews at the top of our website and see for yourself.

Need a new computer?
We build the highest quality computers around, using only the best components around! We wouldn't back our computers with a 1 year standard hardware warranty and a LIFETIME technical support warranty on hardware, if we didn't think our computers weren't rock solid! We don't just build you the cheapest thing we can put together and sell you, we build quality! See our lineup of desktops, workstations, gaming pc’s, Laptops and servers.